Lawsuit to Prevent Confederate Statues From Being Removed Heads Back to Georgia Courts


Macon, Georgia, USA at the War Memorial to Confederate Soldiers.
Macon, Georgia, USA at the War Memorial to Confederate Soldiers.
Photo: Sean Pavone (Shutterstock)

You know, you would think betraying your country and getting bodied for it hundreds of years ago would be enough to stop people from sympathizing with the Confederacy, but no. Instead, we’re in the year 2020, where a man in Georgia feels the need to file a lawsuit preventing the removal of two ugly-ass Confederate statues.

According to AJC, commissioners in Macon-Bibb County voted 5-4 on July 27 in favor of moving two Confederate statues from downtown Macon to outside a local cemetery. Not having any of that, Plaintiff Martin Bell filed his suit against the county. The suit initially had federal claims in it, but Federal Judge Hugh Lawson sent the suit back down to Bibb County Superior Court after Bell amended the suit to remove those claims.

Bell, for those curious, is state commander of the Military Order of the Stars and Bars Georgia Society Inc., an organization whose purpose boils down to “our ancestors were traitors in the name of slavery and dammit, we’re proud!”

Superior Court Judge Rucker Smith previously granted a temporary injunction to Bell that prevented the county from moving or letting “harm of any kind” come to the monuments. Now that the case is back in Macon-Bibb County, it’s unclear which judge will hear the case.

Bell states in the lawsuit that “the proposed moving of the Monuments is a racially-motivated action designed for political purposes to placate the mob mentalities current in American society.”

Wait, hold up, wasn’t the Confederacy a racially motivated mob, designed for political purposes to placate the needs of slave owners? So it’s fine when it comes to brutalizing Black bodies and killing your fellow countrymen, but not to moving monuments to make people feel more comfortable? Well goddammit, that’s just a bridge too far for you monsters.

Also! It’s not like the monuments are being destroyed, or hidden away from the public. They’re going to be outside a cemetery, which considering how long the Confederacy has been dead, is honestly kind of fitting.

This case really just boils down to a white man wanting his participation trophies displayed on the “winner’s” mantle, instead of tucked away in a box where they belong.

Officials in Macon-Bibb-County have vowed to fight the case in court and see to it that the monuments are eventually removed.

“We are still fully committed to improving our downtown green space to make it more welcoming and inviting for all people,” Macon-Bibb County spokesperson Chris Floore told The Telegraph.

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