People Are Sharing Their Thoughts On Fur Vs. Vegan Options, And It Might Make You Think Twice About Your Next Purchase (Picture)

 In the past years, many fashion brands have gone fur-free (and leather-free), from Gucci to Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors. The recent surge in the anti-fur movement shows that more and more people are concerned with animal rights and the environment. The clothing industry is now shifting towards more conscious, sustainable, and animal- and eco-friendly products.

But the debate on fur vs. vegan clothes is far from over and the topic is as controversial as ever. So recently, people initiated a Tumblr thread to shine some light on whether wearing fur and leather clothing is truly so harmful to animals and the environment, and if vegan clothes are genuinely so innocent and animal-friendly.

The Tumblr user teaboot first wrote “I understand why people dislike leather and animal products,” but she then continued by stating that she still wears her mom’s leather coat from 1989.

More people joined in, throwing in some illuminating reasoning on just why animal and fur products might be in fact superior to vegan clothing. Read the full thread down below, which will surely give everyone a lot to think about on this hot topic.

This person tried to debunk the belief that vegan materials are superior to natural ones, claiming it’s just another form of plastic

Bored Panda reached out to Vaida Baranove, a musician and devoted environmentalist who commented on the heated debate which has been going on in the thread. “Yes, vegans do not wear clothes or accessories that are made of animal-origin materials: leather, fur, silk, wool, velvet, etc.,” she said.

However, “Since many of these materials are often more sustainable than their vegan alternatives (for example, a genuine leather jacket can easily provide warmth for more than one generation), we have to remember that vegans, just like other activists, need to choose their battles.” Vegans, Vaida explained, always choose the battle for the animals.

This person explained why natural materials like hemp, cotton, and linen may not be an option

But when it comes to cultural contexts, things get a little more tricky. “Yet, as a vegan, would I ask someone living in the Arctic to wear a teddy coat or a puffer jacket instead of their fur one? Definitely not. Why on Earth would I come after someone who‘s already struggling to survive in such harsh conditions?”

Having said that, Vaida said that as a vegan, she asks her Western European friends to stop buying leather shoes. “Their comfort is not a good enough reason to kill a sentient being.”

This person claims that wool, fur, and down are the only materials that keep you warm in harsh climates

Veganism means that you have to be aware of all the materials that your clothes are made of. While cotton, linen, hemp fabric, quality denim, seaweed, coconut fiber, etc. may be great options, they are not ideal for harsher climates.

“There’s also rPET, which stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate or simply ‘recycled polyester’ aka recycled plastic bottles. Some fantastic warm parkas are made of this fabric,” Vaida said.

In the end, it’s all about “not giving into the temptation of buying a ton of fast fashion items that scream that they are now vegan.” Vaida suggests buying smart, buying less, and taking good care of your clothes.

Someone said that sheep shearing is harmful, but this person had a response ready

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