BREAKING: State Department Website Says ‘Donald J. Trump’s Term ‘Ended’ After 7 PM Tonight… Edited By ‘Disgruntled Staffer’?


A bizarre “biography” page on the State Department website said that Donald Trump’s presidential term “ended” after 7 p.m. tonight.

The minutes and seconds on the time appeared to change each time it was refreshed, but did not appear to align with the current time in any way.

“FWIW, I accessed the site at 3:02 PM ET, so the time in the screenshot above (7:49 PM) is not—as some are saying—UTC time. There may well be a computer glitch here, I don’t know. Other screenshots have shown other times. But all are today, and State has not explained it yet,” Newsweek columnist Seth Abramson tweeted.

Sources reportedly told Buzzfeed News that a “disgruntled staffer” was behind the edit.

Journalists and political commentators have been speculating on Twitter that it is either an error for a premade page meant to go live when his term ends, that they were hacked, or that something more sinister is happening — but the State Department has not yet released an explanation.

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