Deep State’s Color Revolution Executed to Perfection – Now They’re After Red Meat



We warned on November 2, 2020, the day before the 2020 Election, that the nightmare scenario created by the Democrats starring Sleepy Joe Biden was about to begin.

The Democrats were involved in a ‘color revolution’ the entire Trump Presidency, and Norm Eisen, Obama’s ‘Ethics Czar’, was reportedly behind it. Long before election eve another chapter in the Democrats’ attempt to remove President Trump from office was launched.

Below is a video from Tucker Carlson’s show regarding this topic – at the time we didn’t know how bad it was going to get:

Now weeks after the 2020 election where President Trump won a massive 74 million in votes, the coup is moving forward. The media is pushing the lie that Joe Biden won the election and the Justice Department no longer stands for justice because they are ignoring gargantuan election fraud while the courts refuse to hear any cases where the fraud can be presented.

Then yesterday Deep State politicians produced a grotesque display of duties in ignoring the fraud and steal and in awarding the election to President Trump.

Before this charade, the President spoke and listed an inventory of the rampant fraud but he had not time to finish.  His Vice President betrayed him and started the spectacle in the Capitol.  Next came the march on the Capitol where bad actors joined in with Trump supporters and began damaging the capital and took portraits of themselves being there.

Big Media and the corrupt politicians now claim President Trump and his followers, the majority of Americans, were behind the bad actors’ actions.  The President must be punished they claim.  How dare he and his followers stand for the truth.

The Deep State wants red meat.

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