“The Squad” disintegrates as socialist members all vie for spotlight

  Their mantra is “equality” at all costs. In practice, however, each member of “The Squad” wants to be more equal than the others, which is why the infamous band of socialists could be coming to a bitter end.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) wants to rule the roost in exclusivity without having to share the “progressivism spotlight” with Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. Meanwhile, Omar is purportedly upset at AOC for taking a Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine before everyone else.

You might call it trouble in socialist paradise, where the ideal of everyone being “equal” is not working out very well. Once the new Congress is installed, this band of socialist hacks is likely to disintegrate, according to a senior staffer.

“I think the idea of ‘The Squad’ is going to go away, and I think that it is going to be fascinating to see how [AOC] shares the spotlight of progressivism,” this individual is quoted as saying.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter also called out AOC on Twitter, asking how it was possible for her to get one of President Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” vaccines when she is clearly not over the age of 70.

In a tweet of her own, AOC attempted to explain how Trump’s mRNA vaccines are different from “traditional” vaccines, which generated plenty of laughs and overt criticism.

“The point is AOC appears to be digging stardom ‘almost’ as much as being a member of Congress and doing ‘Congressy things,'” writes Mike Miller for Red State.

Socialism for thee, but not for me

To get to this point, The Squad had to pretend to like each other while embracing an ethic of “we’re all in this together.” Now that they believe Trump is on the way out, however, The Squad, ironically, has opted for a crony capitalistic mindset of me and only me.

The other Squad members who are not AOC apparently intend to try to steal the spotlight away from the former bartender and boost themselves after the new Congress is installed. Many of the incoming freshmen also plan to do the same.

Progressive Ritchie Torres from the Bronx, for instance, publicly indicated that he has no plans to align himself with The Squad. The same goes for Mondaire Jones, the first openly gay black man to ever serve in Congress.

In other words, all of these socialists are really just out for themselves, which is ironic considering their collectivist platform.

“[T]he broader message that this carries is this fantasy that there is some sort of orchestrated squad that is doing anything at all resembling strategic things for anybody other than themselves,” is how one report puts it.

As for AOC, the original ringleader in all this, about 60 percent of the country thinks poorly of her, according to a recent poll. And a whopping 75 percent of the country wants nothing to do with her socialist platform.

“The Squalid Squad will be riding the ash heap of history as they get marginalized by their own party,” wrote one Red State commenter. “Hopefully, the MSM has gotten the DNC memo that states AOC should not be given the amount of obscene coverage that she got last term.”

“Don’t count your eggs before they’re in the pudding,” wrote another. “These damn Bolsheviks never go away. Otherwise, it looks like AOC is really enjoying the Good Life (TM), as it looks like she’s packed on more than a few pounds.”

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