Biden Takes Cheap Shot at President Trump: “Injecting Bleach into Your System Doesn’t Do It for You” (But Injecting Botox Does?)

 Joe Biden took a cheap shot at President Trump during a remote White House event for Black essential workers about the COVID-19 pandemic co-hosted with White House domestic advisor Susan Rice. Biden said in a veil reference to Trump, “I think there’s a growing awareness that, uh, um, you know, uh, injecting bleach into your system doesn’t do it for you.”

Biden made a rare appearance without a mask on, showing his tight shiny face that looks years younger than it should at 78 (Botox injections?), even as his slow, halting, eyes cast down and barely open delivery belied his age and condition.


Here is video of what Trump actually said. He was spitballing ideas at a press briefing last April and talked about the possibility of using light therapy or injecting disinfectant (he never said bleach) as a means of fighting the virus. The media and Democrats immediately twisted what Trump said and as seen above, nice guy Joe Biden is not too nice to lie about and smear President Trump to make himself look good.

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