MUST SEE: “Let’s Get Rid of the War Criminals First” – Steve Bannon Absolutely RIPS Liz Cheney after Her Latest Outrageous Appearance (VIDEO)


Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney held an online appearance at the Reagan Library on Tuesday where she smeared Republicans suggesting the GOP is currently a party that includes white supremacists. Of course, this was a direct, and not so subtle, attack on President Trump whom she considers an enemy to America and her political fortune.

Cheney holds a 13% approval rating in Wyoming. Republican lawmakers voted to make her the third-ranked Republican in the US House of Representatives which tells you how out of touch these people are with their voters.

On Wednesday Steve Bannon unloaded on Cheney and her family’s long history of warmongering.

Steve Bannon: I found it hard for her to disgrace herself anymore… Here’s the thing about her commission and subpoena power. She wants to go after Trump and the people in his administration criminally. Wyoming you did not do your job… She did not get the message. This is a defiant throwdown, using the apparatus of the Reagan Library to push forward more Cheney lies… I tell you what, in the new Republican Party let’s get rid of the war criminals first. That would be your family. Let’s get rid of the war criminals… I found her detestable.

Via The Bannon War Room:

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