Police Officers Involved in George Floyd’s Death Were Suspended the Next Day – After More than a Month We Still Don’t Know Who Shot Ashli Babbitt


In May of 2020 George Floyd died in Minneapolis during an arrest.  One police officer kneeled on his neck for 8 minutes.  The gruesome death led to protests around the country and the four policemen involved were fired the day after Floyd’s death.

Last month four Trump supporters died on January 6th in Washington DC yet we don’t know in detail how the four Trump supporters died since we’ve seen no investigative reports nor autopsies.  One victim, in particular, was Ashli Babbitt who was gunned down by a policeman at the capitol during the protests.  To date, this officer’s name has not been released.  After more than a month we don’t know who killed an unarmed Trump supporter in the Capitol.

Despite the Democrats’ and Liz Cheney’s beliefs, Americans know very little about the riots on January 6th.

We now know that authorities knew about the threats weeks in advance!

How many members of Antifa were there for example? We’ve identified a few possible candidates.

How did Ashli Babbitt and the three other Trump supporters die that day?

As for Babbitt, we still have not seen an autopsy and we don’t know who shot her. We’ve heard the investigators don’t believe the shooter should be charged but we don’t even know who he is or why the Washington DC police are withholding his name.

There is much that still needs to be uncovered from the riots in the Capitol on January 6th. Could it be the Democrats and Liz Cheney acted prematurely in impeaching the former President with no investigation to support their actions?

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