Blood on Hands of Open Borders Biden: Horrific California Crash Involved Human Smuggling of Illegals, Over a Dozen Killed

 The SUV with about two dozen people crammed in it that was involved in a horrific crash with a tractor trailer in Holtville, California on Monday that killed over a dozen people was part of a cross-border smuggling operation according to sources within Customs and Border Patrol, Fox News reported.

There has been a surge of illegal border crossings since Joe Biden took office. Biden has very publicly reversed President Trump’s tight border and immigration controls with promises of amnesty and allowing thousands of unaccompanied migrant children into the country. The Biden administration refuses to say there is a crisis at the border, instead calling it a “challenge.”

A section of border wall built in the 2000s was cut down near Holtville and two vehicles crossed through. Border Patrol caught the second vehicle and arrested 19 people but was not in pursuit of the SUV when the deadly crash happened.

Video taken Monday night shows the force of the crash:

Excerpt from KABC-TV report on the accident:

…Seats of the 1997 Ford Expedition were removed, making room for more people. The SUV, which would typically seat eight to nine people legally, collided with an empty tractor-trailer on Highway 115 at Norrish Road in Holtville — located about 125 miles east of San Diego and about 15 miles north of the Mexico border.

The area became a major route for illegal border crossings in the late 1990s after heightened enforcement in San Diego pushed migrants to more remote areas.

…CHP officials say at the intersection the SUV drove “directly in the path of the big rig” around 6:15 a.m. The 2011 Peterbilt truck struck the left side of the SUV, which appeared to have been pushed off the road. Investigators were trying to determine if the SUV first stopped at the stop sign before entering the intersection.

Authorities said the ages of those who were inside the vehicle, including those injured and killed, ranged from 15 to 53. Numerous people were ejected onto the roadway as a result of the collision, according to officials. Initial reports said there were young children in the SUV, but officials later said the youngest occupant was 15.

The driver of the SUV, who was among those killed, was described as a man from Mexicali. Information about the occupants of the SUV, including where they were traveling to and from and why there were so many in one vehicle, is still under investigation.

With now over a dozen migrants killed answering Biden’s siren call of amnesty, will Biden change and call a halt to relaxed border and immigration enforcement? Nearly thirty years ago then President-Elect Bill Clinton found himself in a similar situation with Haitian migrants. When a report surfaced in January 1993 a week before he took office that nearly four hundred Haitians drowned after their boat sank while trying to get to U.S. shores, Clinton, who had campaigned for president saying he would give Haitian migrants individual immigration hearings, announced he was changing his mind and would continue the Bush policy of repatriating Haitian migrants.

A “challenge”, not a crisis, says the Biden administration.

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