Texas Gov. Abbott Sounds Alarm Over Border, Biden Admin Considering Flying Migrants to Northern Border (Cartoon)

 During an interview with FNC’s ‘America Reports’ Texas Governor Greg Abbott just sounded the alarm over the border surge telling the public that one of the main migrant detention centers (cages) has no potable water:

“What we learned in Midland, just in the past hour, [are] two things,” Abbot said. “One is they have no proven clean running water at the location. They were using well water that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has informed the federal government has not been proven to be safe.”

“There’s no telling what could be in there, including the possibility of arsenic.” the Texas Governor added. “So the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is evaluating the water, the running water. So there is no viable, usable running water at the location in Midland.”

This is a humanitarian disaster of epic proportions and Joe Biden and his administration is 100% without a doubt responsible for the whole mess.

It looks like things may be getting even worse as reports indicate the Biden administration is considering flying some migrants to our northern border for processing and release.

Via the Washington Post:

A new spike in the number of families and children crossing the Rio Grande into South Texas over the past several hours is forcing U.S. Customs and Border Protection to request airplanes that will allow the Biden administration to transport migrants to states near the Canadian border for processing, according to two Department of Homeland Security officials and an email reviewed by The Washington Post.

Border officials requested the air support from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement because 1,000 members of families and unaccompanied minors crossed the Rio Grande on Friday morning, and border agents have another 1,000 migrants they have been unable to process since last night, the communications show.

This is ridiculous.

During a time when millions of Americans are suffering Biden wants to use tax dollars, or printed money, or whatever to fly migrants to our northern border.

What a entirely preventable waste.

Even worse things have apparently gotten so bad the Mexico is locking down their southern border in an attempt to slow the flow through their country, as Reuters reports:

“Mexico has launched new measures to deter illegal crossings at its southern border with Guatemala, including posting militarized police and using drones to monitor entry points, the national migration institute (INM) said on Friday.

The announcement comes after Reuters reported that Mexico was planning to beef up border enforcement along its southern reaches to stem a sharp increase in migrants illegally entering the country to head for the United States.

Many migrants entering Mexico hope they can claim asylum in the United States. Thousands come from a trio of Central American countries with high levels of violence and poverty.

The INM said the measures were aimed at protecting the rights of children from Central America who were being used by criminal gangs as a means of facilitating migrants’ passage north.

Since March 1, the INM said it has registered 4,180 children and teenagers traveling without authorization through Mexico, some with older family members, and some unaccompanied.

The INM said so-called “guides” are telling people to take children along to make it easier to enter the United States.

The tighter measures at Mexico’s border with Guatemala, which also ban non-essential crossings such as tourism, will be in place for a month with the potential to be renewed.”

Literally unbelievable and a disaster for everyone personally involved and for our nation.

But that is exactly how Democrats roll these days.

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