The FBI Refuses to Look for All of the Violent Participants Who Started Trouble on January 6th at the Capitol… Why Is That?


The FBI to date has refused to look into all those involved in unrest at the Capitol on January 6th.  Instead, the FBI’s focus appears to be on Trump supporters only.

According to Insider, since January 6th, 388 people have been arrested for their actions on January 6th at the Capitol.

John Sullivan is one of those charged and he is a member of Antifa.

Sullivan’s video was used by the House in their bogus impeachment sham after January 6th.  Using this video negated the entire premise from the Democrats – that the riots were started by Trump supporters when Antifa was involved in much of the violence.

But Sullivan is the only member of Antifa charged from that day that we are aware of – we believe there were numerous  Antifa members there that day:

Today we have uncovered a video of another couple of guys involved in activities at the Capitol on January 6th.  The FBI apparently is not interested in going after them despite video coverage of these gentlemen being provided to the FBI:

By not looking at all the individuals at the Capitol equally, the FBI is again showing it is now a political organization not interested in justice.

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