The Annual White House Correspondents Dinner Is Cancelled – Did These Leftist Hacks Finally Realize How Much They Are Reviled?


The White House correspondents dinner has been canceled again this year.

Does anyone in America care?

The White House correspondents dinner has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

No God-loving American is going to miss this nasty self-congratulatory celebration by the fake news elites.   These evil people who push liberal lies all day long while ignoring the destruction of America, get together each year to pat each other on the back.  They think they are smart and intelligent and end up showing the world how dumb and disgusting they really are.

This year would be a tough one for them as they would promote Joe Biden as the greatest President ever after more than half of America believe the senile old man stole the 2020 election.  Their ‘humor’ might be a little much for the average American to handle.

This event would also be hard to pull off after James O’Keefe and Project Veritas proved CNN was lying all year to the American public in order to remove Donald Trump from office.

The event itself is hard enough to stomach as it is.  The comments they think are funny, the rest of America finds repulsive.  Especially after years of their horribly dishonest reporting.

For example, the correspondents ‘club’ brought in Michelle Wolf as a speaker one year.  She gave the most vile and insidious ‘comedy’ in history and they all laughed – at Sarah Huckabee Sander’s expense:

Here’s a sample of the kind of insults against Republicans and those who vote for America’s greatness from the dinner over the years:

The White House correspondents dinner is the perfect example of today’s media all in one night – shameless, evil, disgusting, rude, and dishonest anti-Americans.

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