How Could Joe Biden Get So Lucky? Russian Security Shoves US Reporters out of the Room as Putin and Biden Sit for Meeting

 President Vladimir Putin met with Joe Biden today in Switzerland.

Biden looks lost.

US hack reporters were shoved and pushed out of the room for the meeting as chaos broke out.
How could Joe Biden get so lucky?
No one was left to report on his gaffes.

Here is more on the scuffle today.
The liberal hacks from the US got pushed out of the room.

The Express.UK reported:

Chaos erupted as members of the security service intervened to push the press out of the room, with one member of President Putin’s detail telling a photographer to “go away.”

The reporter could be seen protesting pointing out the lack of space available to leave the room.

Despite the protestations, the security officer repeatedly appeared to push the photographer and repeatedly urging him to “go away now.”

ABC World reporter Cecilia Vega said: “We’re talking about two press corps.

“American journalists, Russian journalists, there was a scrum to get into that room with the two leaders.

“There was pushing, there was shouting, not all American journalists were able to make it into the room.”

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