“Woke” Hypocrites at Google Flash Gay Logo in US on YouTube During Pride Month but NOT in Turkey and China


A slew of multinational corporations have spent the month of June making communal proclamations of Pride month everywhere.

“Woke” companies – from YouTube and Mercedes-Benz to Lenovo, Nestle and Sephora – updated their logos as June began.

At every turn, we’ve been inundated with promotions of rainbow-blazoned corporate logos, ads romanticizing drag queens, gushing affirmations of gender fluidity and celebration of the “gender transitioning” and gender “conversion therapy” of the youth.

Yet, these corporations are only force-feeding Americans and Europeans their pansexual, non-binary, transgender propaganda. Pandering businesses are careful not to promote their “pride” to Muslim countries.

YouTube’s Pride logo can only be seen in Western markets, a Gateway Pundit reader pointed out.

“They changed the little logo in the top left the YouTube app to a lgbtqzP flag with the satanic crescent moon and sun behind it. I use a VPN and can change my location to anywhere. If you change your location to the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, the gay pride banner vanishes,” he said. “When I changed to China…Presto no gay pride bullshit! They care so much about gay and tranny equality, just not in the countries where gays and trannies are illegal.”

Social justice-fighting corporations stand up for what they believe, except, of course, where their precious profits may suffer if they do:








While corporations refrain from promoting non-gender pride in countries that will not tolerate it, Americans who push back against the campaign to eliminate gender and promote transgenderism and pansexuality to the youth are demonized, demonetized, and canceled.

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