Dr. Fauci: Two-Year-Olds Should Mask Up – “No Doubt About That” (VIDEO)


WARNING: Please be advised that Dr. Tony Fauci is often wrong, frequently flip-flops, and is responsible for hundreds of thousands of American deaths.

Dr. Fauci joined his sycophants at MSNBC on Tuesday morning to spout off about vaccinating children and forcing toddlers to wear facemasks.

Dr. Fauci: Children who are not able to get vaccinated because of their age should follow the guidelines of the CDC. That unvaccinated children of a certain age greater than two years old should be wearing masks. No doubt about that. That’s the way to protect them from getting infected because if they do they can then spread the infection to someone else.

A recent study from the UK found that 99.995% of children recover from the coronavirus.

And previous studies also found that children are not COVID super-spreaders.

Everything Dr. Fauci just said is wrong — or another lie — and is also very damaging to children.

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