President Trump OWNS Fox News Stoolie Lawrence Jones on Rigged Election


President Trump sat down with Lawrence Jones from FOX News during his stop at Texas CPAC on Sunday.

During questioning Jones definitely sounded more like the Chris Wallace wing of FOX News.  Jones berated the President on what he could have done differently to win the election.  Then he repeatedly interrupted Trump during his answer.  Jones would fit in well on any of the fake news networks.

Lawrence Jones:  One more question.  I’ve been reading these polls.  And I know you’ve been going back and forth with the polling but I found this one interesting.  Gallup conducted a poll on September 2020 and this is what it said.  56% of Americans said they were better off but then  they decided that they weren’t going to vote for you in the last election.  And you look at the other poll, 49% said Biden looked more presidential.  So when you have 56% of the American people who say they agree with you on the issues, is there anything you would have done differently?

President Trump: “You ready? We had great polls. I had great polls, and that was an important poll… I ‘lost the election’, but I didn’t lose the election. THE ELECTION WAS RIGGED. You don’t have polls like that and lose the election. The election was rigged.”

 Despite the constant interruptions, President Trump just owned Lawrence Jones, the Fox News establishment shill.

Do better, FOX.

Jones was as disrespectful as a NBC hack reporter.

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