AZ Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb: Vaccine Mandates = WEAK Leadership — “Your Health Choices Are Yours, And Yours ALONE” (VIDEO)


Sheriff Mark Lamb

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb has gone viral for standing up to vaccine mandates and refusing to mandate the vaccine in his office.

Sheriff Mark Lamb is an incredibly strong, proud conservative, who can always be trusted to fight for the people.

He says that vaccine mandates show weak leadership and he vows to stand for freedom as long as he is in office.

Fox10 reports,

“PINAL COUNTY, Ariz. – Pinal County (Ariz.) Sheriff Mark Lamb went viral for his message against vaccine mandates, which are becoming a trend. Lamb said on “Fox & Friends” that mandates are the result of “weak leadership” not protecting the rights of employees, and he is leaving the decision to get vaccinated as a personal choice of his officers.”

SHERIFF MARK LAMB: I did it because I’m tired of seeing weak leadership across this country and weak leadership as it relates to protecting their employees’ rights. So we wanted to do something that let people know that here we don’t tolerate that.

It’s people’s personal choice. Health choices have always been. Last year it was like pulling teeth to get a list of anybody that had COVID so that when my deputies responded to their houses, we knew who they were. Now, these same people are more than willing to give up all of your public health privacy for the sake of security. And I’m not OK with that. I don’t think it should change. … I’ve gotten a ton of support. You get your pushback too. Some news thing called me a rebel, but I don’t know, I guess that’s a good thing.

Lamb also released a statement.

Lamb: With the increase in private businesses, and even government organizations talking about mandating the vaccine, I wanted to let you know that here at the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, we do not mandate the vaccine. And as long as I’m your sheriff, we will never mandate the vaccine.

We believe that your health choices are yours, and yours alone. So whether you get the vaccine or don’t get the vaccine, that’s your private information. Here, we believe in America and freedom, and we’re going to continue on with that. God Bless.

We need more public servants who serve the people.

Sherriff Lamb is a strong leader.

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