Mitt Romney Blames Trump For Joe Biden’s Afghanistan Crisis that Led to Death of 13 US Service Members (VIDEO)


Mitt Romney, AKA, Pierre Delecto on Sunday said Trump was also to blame for Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal which led to the death of 13 US service members.

“Should the US stay? Should there be a US military presence in the Kabul airport until every American citizen….is gone?” CNN “State of the Union” host Jake Tapper asked Romney.

Romney immediately took the opportunity to drag Trump into the conversation.

“This is the result of very ineffective decisions by the prior administration and the current administration — this did not have to happen,” Romney said.

As Commander-in-Chief, Joe Biden made the decision to withdraw US troops before evacuating American citizens in Afghanistan which led to a complete collapse of the region.

Joe Biden hid for several days as the Taliban took over Afghanistan after Biden abandoned Bagram Air Base.

But Romney says Trump is also to blame.


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