Sen. Sonny Borrelli goes After Leftist Troll: “You Talk About Cost?… This Is A Privilege Born On The BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS OF PATRIOTS – IT’S PRICELESS!”


While CodeMonkeyZ worked on the Mesa County data yesterday, Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli spoke about Maricopa County’s lame excuses on machine connectivity.

On Tuesday, CodeMonkeyZ stepped forward with his data to examine live in front of the world.

State Senator Borrelli took a moment to speak about WIFI connectivity in Maricopa County’s voting machines.

Borrelli: they said “Well, that didn’t happen because we had our own employees doing it, and everything was on camera so they have chain of custody and that was fully tracked.” then I asked, “Do you have security cameras in the office space that you’re providing for the Dominion employees?” They said, “No, we don’t.” So then I said, “Therefore, you cannot confidently say that nobody took one of those thumb drives, loaded it into a laptop, and changed any tools in cyberspace because that was what was alleged.” They said well they have no internet hookups.” I’m on my government laptop where I said “the only two wires that are in this thing is a power chord and a mouse. Here is the problem, we’re communicating right now via WIFI.” Then, of course, there was dead silence and the committee chair announced that they were going to subpoena Maricopa County. But the bottom line is how is it that Maricopa County, the government agency is providing any workspace for a 3rd party vendor? Now, we’re asking for the passwords and the hardware tokens for those machines that they’re refusing to give up to us. And they said, “We don’t have them”. Why don’t you have them? “Dominion has them”. How is it that a 3rd party vendor has this stuff and not the county? Who is running the election? Is a 3rd party vendor running our elections? Or is our county election workers running them?

After Senator Borrelli walked off of the stage, a leftist troll journalist haggled the speakers about the cost of a full forensic audit.

Do these people put a price tag on human rights?

Senator Borrelli stepped up to the plate again, speaking from the heart of a Marine veteran.

Borrelli: You talk about cost? Let’s talk about cost. How much American blood and treasure was spent for our guys and gals to go overseas to help SOMEBODY ELSE secure and elect their people? How much blood and treasure did it cost our troops to go help an Iraqi woman or an Afghani woman vote for the very first time? This is a privilege that was born on the blood sweat and tears of patriots. How much is it going to cost to make sure of our elections? Who cares? It’s priceless!

Mainstream media was not there for the purpose of reporting news.

They used this opportunity to shame election skeptics, while they perused the venue filming everybody and everything that private attendees are doing.

This wasn’t news coverage, it was part of the cover-up.

American Troops literally die on a hill every single day in order for us to enjoy these rights.

Why are these people trying to destroy them?

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