Tyrannical Philly Mayor Orders All Unvaccinated City Employees to Wear Two Masks Starting on Sept. 1


Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and his office announced new restrictions this week to “control” the COVID pandemic in the city.

City employees who are unvaccinated will be forced to wear TWO MASKS starting on September 1st.

What’s next FEMA camps?

CBS News Philly reported:

To quell rising COVID-19 cases, Philadelphia officials announced sweeping restrictions Wednesday, including a mandate effective at midnight Thursday that businesses in the city require either masks or proof of vaccination for all its employees and customers…

…Starting Sept. 1, all city employees will be required to be fully vaccinated if they work inside or be double-masked.

“Getting vaccinated isn’t just a personal decision,” Bettigole said. “It’s a decision that affects all of us.”

City officials say the new restrictions are medically necessary but measured to not further impact the economy.

The loons at the CDC even has a video on how to double mask. Why not triple masks, haters?

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