Biden’s Media Lapdogs Turn on Him With Brutal Criticism...Are The Rats Jumping from the Sinking Ship? [Video]

 The Sunday news shows were ablaze with criticism of Biden. The media lapdogs like Chuck Todd uncharacteristically listed his numerous failures.  Are the rats finally jumping from Biden’s sinking ship?  We won’t hold our breath.

Chuck Todd had several criticisms of Biden saying he’s in a “big credibility crisis” because of his flip flopping on several important issues. He questioned whether world leaders still believe America is a competent leader of the free world.

Chuck Todd joined a panel on ‘Meet the Press’ and continued his criticism of the Biden administration by saying “it’s only getting worse.”

ABC’s Jon Karl said the public’s trust in the Biden COVID response has “eroded” since Biden “jumped the gun” on the COVID booster roll-out.

Associated Press reporter Julie Pace told Chris Wallace that Americans are “frustrated” and “angry” about the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan:


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