EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Federally Contracted Workers Destroy Building Materials From Trump’s Border Wall in Arizona for Scrap as Holes in the Wall Remain


TGP reporter Julian Conradson traveled to the US southern border in Arizona last week.
This is his second report from the open US border.

Biden isn’t just undoing Trump’s policies, he is literally dismantling what he built.

President Trump worked tirelessly to fulfill his promise that he would strengthen our country’s borders, and he delivered. He invested fifteen billion dollars to construct the US-Mexico border wall, and the best part of it all – it was built to last well after he left office.

Sure, there’s sections that are unfinished.. and an inanimate object does not replace proper policy, but the results were clear: A simple wall, combined with Border Patrol doing their job, paid off with the most secure southern border Americans had ever seen. 

In other words, enforce the laws on the books and WALLS WORK.

Apparently, they work a little too well for Joe Biden and his fraudulent regime. Large sections of the wall have been removed along a highly trafficked drug route in southern Arizona, making it much easier for illegal crossers and smugglers to make their way across undetected – especially at night.

The illegals crossing in this area aren’t women and children either, the ones coming through these areas are criminals. Anyone who is not up to something surrenders to Border Patrol at a port of entry. 

There aren’t even cameras to notify Border Patrol if someone came through. Basically, it’s a free-for-all for the cartels.

American taxpayers are the ones footing the bill for this open-borders administration. Biden has authorized billions to be spent on illegal immigrant hotel rooms and flights to take them around the country – not to mention all of the free stimulus money that was laundered to them by democrat governors around the country.

Now, Biden burns more tax dollars and is paying construction crews to destroy materials from the southern border wall.



Pieces were loaded into 2 separate trucks and hauled away to be disposed of or sold for scrap.

The piles of materials line the wall for miles, hundreds of tons of steel and concrete will be taken after already being paid for by the US taxpayer.

Where is it all going to?

The costs from the unprecedented wave of illegals flooding our country, combined with the wasting of materials that were already paid for, will end up dwarfing the $15B trump invested into the wall.

It was never going to be enough for Biden to not build “one more foot” of the border, he was always going to try and dismantle it – the radicals controlling him are hell-bent on tearing down America by its foundation and they can’t get that done without the mass import of illegal voters. 

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