WATCH LIVE: Angry Globalist, Joe Biden Read Someone Else’s Words On Teleprompter At UN Assembly...Promises To: “Vaccinate the world” and “Build back better”

 This morning, Joe Biden, the most unpopular “president” in recent history, stood before the UN Assembly in New York City, where he angrily promised to drop billions of US taxpayer dollars on global efforts, including “climate change” and COVID “vaccinations” to people around the world.

Biden, who frequently used words like “collective” and “global community,” promised to “vaccinate the world” and to “build back better.” Build back better is a popular globalist term.

Biden, arguably the most unpopular “president” to ever occupy the White House, addressed Afghanistan. Instead of apologizing for leaving the world more unstable and creating an international security threat with his reckless evacuation from Afghanistan, he laughably told the UN assembly, “Those who commit acts of terror against us will continue to find a determined enemy in the United States.”

Joe Biden promised to “use force against terrorists.” The last time Biden told terrorists he’d “make them pay” for murdering 13 US military members in a suicide attack at the Kabul Airport, his military ordered a drone attack that killed a US aid worker, his seven young children, and another adult. None of the innocent people killed in his drone strike were responsible for the attack on the Kabul airport.

The teleprompter reading Joe Biden warned the UN leaders, “We all must respect the rights of LGBTQ-I individuals. “I?”

While trying to appear cognitively sound, Joe Biden overcompensates with anger in his delivery.

Watch, as he reads the words of other people who are likely the people behind the scenes who are running the White House:

After one hour, only 3K people watched Joe Biden’s “important” speech. The 81 million people who “voted” for Joe must have been watching Tik Tok videos instead.

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