Biden Spin Doctor Jen Psaki Claims Gas Isn’t Rising In “All Parts Of The Country”...Jokes About Package Delays at Christmas [Video]

 During Wednesday’s White House press conference, Jen Psaki did her best to spin her way through issues like high gas prices and getting Christmas gifts to people this year. Her arrogance and condescension toward reporters has only gotten worse as she’s tasked with trying to make Biden seem successful at anything.

Listen below as she claims that gas isn’t rising in “all parts of the country”…It’s hard to believe she said this with a straight face. Gas prices have increased for everyone. A reporter should have asked Psaki where exactly does she think gas prices haven’t gone up. We’d like to know.

On Monday, AAA reported the national avg price for gas hit a seven-year high of $3.27 a gallon. Gas has almost doubled since bottoming at $1.77 in April 2020.

Psaki snarks back at a reporter about getting packages on time for Christmas.


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