“C’mon Man!”...After Avoiding Questions For Four Days, Biden Snaps At Reporter Asking About Democrats In Disarray

 A desperate Joe Biden had to go to Capitol Hill today to try and twist arms for votes to pass his infrastructure bill. When he was on his way out, he was asked about Dems in disarray and he wasn’t too happy with the question.

Biden stopped and turned around and garbled a “C’mon man!” with some other comments and marched away with his handlers by his side. Watch out! Gramps Biden is mad…

Biden’s arrival at the Capitol:

Joe Biden toddled through the halls at the Capitol with Nancy Pelosi guiding the way today. Both were virtue signaling with their masks on when they normally aren’t wearing one.

The two Democrats are trying to get enough votes to pass the infrastructure bill that has little to do with bridges and roads. Only 10% of the bill goes to fixing true infrastructure.

Biden needs a winner and Pelosi needs a legacy so getting this passed is crucial. He’s visiting the Capitol to twist arms for votes. Republicans need to stand firm against it!

Biden gave a thumbs-up as he and Nancy Pelosi entered the Capitol. Biden was escorted to the House Democrats caucus meeting on the infrastructure and reconciliations bills by Pelosi, Hoyer, and the other members of the House Democratic leadership.

Biden shakes Hoyer’s hand and says, “Permission to come aboard?”

Typical Biden…he took no questions from reporters. Trump would have stopped.

Biden claims the bill will be passed eventually:

Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted out that it’s not Democrats that are caving. It’s the Republicans!

Democrat Pramila Jayapal, head of the progressive caucus, is reportedly certain her rank-and-file won’t break ranks to back infrastructure. “I have never seen our caucus so strong. And I’m a very good vote counter, also, maybe not quite as good as Nancy Pelosi sometimes, but I’m excellent.”

Call, email and tweet to the usual RINOs to tell them to vote NO!

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