“This is outstanding”...Young Political Rapper Eviscerates Biden [Video]

 A young conservative with a mullet is rapping about Biden and the economy in a TikTok that has since gone viral. Young Americans are noticing the dismal trajectory of our country…and they don’t like it.

WARNING: This video uses language…and the truth.

“Have you gone outside? Have you been to the store? Have you compared the prices to a year before?… The media lies, numbers don’t.”

The man also has a Youtube channel where you can find the full version of his song and more of his content.

Another way that the younger generation is expressing their dislike of the current president and his administration is with the popularized football chant “F*** Joe Biden!”

College football fans have continued the trend of chanting “F*** Joe Biden!” since the beginning of school this year. It never gets old knowing that college students are waking up.

After 13 young service members were killed in Afghanistan and now Biden is pushing COVID mandates, our youth see through Biden.

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