Chess Champ Gets His Butt Scanned After Being Accused of Using Wireless Vibrating Anal Beads to Cheat (VIDEO)


A 19-year-old chess grandmaster got his butt scanned amid cheating accusations.

A chess event official waved a metal detector over Hans Neimann’s butt after he was accused of using wireless vibrating anal beads to cheat in a tournament last month.



It all started last month when Hans Neimamm was accused of cheating at a tournament at the St. Louis Chess Club.

On September 4, Neimann beat five-time grand champion Magnus Carlsen, 31, of Norway.

Carlsen withdrew from the tournament leading many to believe he suspected Neimann of cheating.

According to the Riverfront Times, some pundits believe Neimann may have used wireless anal beads to cheat in last month’s chess cup.

The Riverfront Times reported:

For the past week, chess enthusiasts around the world have been looking in St. Louis’ direction with raised eyebrows after accusations of cheating rocked a tournament at the Saint Louis Chess Club. Elon Musk has even weighed in on the situation, supporting an idea that anal beads were used to facilitate cheating.

The match in question happened on September 4, during the Sinquefield Cup, one of the longest running chess tournaments in the United States. It is the final leg of the Grand Chess Tour and features some of the world’s best chess players, as well as a $350,000 total prize fund.

In round three of the cup, Magnus Carlsen, 31, a chess grandmaster from Norway, played against Hans Niemann, 19, a chess prodigy originally from San Francisco.

Carlsen is a five-time grand champion and one of the greatest chess players in the world. He’s been a chess phenom since he was 13 and there is even a documentary about him, titled Magnus, that found a general audience beyond just chess players. Niemann is also a grandmaster, though according to, Niemann was the lowest-rated player at the tournament.

The International Chess Federation is conducting an investigation into Neimann’s match against Carlsen.

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