Darren Beattie: “Europe is Slave State of the United States – US Basically Declared War on Russia” (VIDEO)


Darren Beattie: “It’s all about who controls Europe”

Speaking on Steve Bannon’s War Room Friday Sept. 30th, Revolver News investigative reporter Darren Beattie warned of a “giant leap toward Armageddon” after the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines and Vladimir Putin’s annexation of the Donbass Republics.

Beattie called the Nord Stream sabotage “one of the most significant attacks on European infrastructure in several decades,” which he called “a dramatic escalation.”

“The Europeans all quietly understand that this is likely at the hands of the NATO allies itself. That’s why they’re being good little vassal states and not making a lot of noise about it.”

Bannon asked Beattie if he had evidence for his “explosive” charges: Beattie called his conclusion “informed opinion based on reasonable inferences from the behavior of the affected countries.” Under normal circumstances, the pipeline attack would be “an act of war” against the Germans, Beattie said, “and under any other circumstance, the Germans would be making a very big deal about it.” 

“You’re saying the passivity of German elites and the German military, not saying, ‘Russia did this, you blew this thing up,’ … you’re saying the ‘crickets’ coming from that implies that a NATO ally would do this … the United States or someone in concert with them?” Bannon asked.

“The United States or NATO-aligned proxies,” Beattie answered. “I’m not saying it was the Navy directly that did it. But I’d say it’s a reasonable inference given the motivation, given who benefits, and given the reaction to the sabotage by European countries themselves, including by a Polish political official who apparently was so excited and didn’t get the memo, that he took to Twitter immediately to thank the United States.”

Beattie was referring to Polish MEP Radek Sikorski, husband to The Atlantic editor Anne Applebaum, who posted “Thank you, USA” with a photo of the Nord Stream bubble 9/27, one day after the explosions, before later deleting the tweet.

“Nord Stream 2 energy is an indispensable component to understanding what it’s all about,” Beattie said. “It’s all about who controls Europe. Europe, we’ve since learned, is even more of a vassal state of the United States than we could have imagined, and one possible countervailing factor to that was the extreme complementarity between Germany and Russia.  Germany has a great economy and needs energy, Russia has cheap energy and need to sell it. It was a natural thing for Russians to provide energy to Germany in the form of Nord Stream. But that undercuts United States leverage, both geopolitically and economically, because we want to sell our far more expensive LNG gas to Europe and have total leverage over Europe.”

Nord Stream 2 “was always a major thorn in the side of the United States military establishment,” Beattie said, “in particular that Atlanticist faction of the establishment that’s obsessed with destroying Russia, and obsessed with maintaining complete hegemony over Europe.”

The United States had “gone through a lot of operations to try to sanction the pipeline, to  try to support the Green Party in Germany to be against the pipeline. All of those things didn’t really work. In the days leading up to the sabotage of the pipeline, there were major demonstrations in Germany anticipating the energy problems this Winter and saying, Look, we have this enormously expensive piece of infrastructure, this pipeline from Russia, that has the capacity to deliver cheap energy to us, we are facing a very difficult Winter energy situation. The only thing stopping the activation of this pipeline is political hesitation on the part of the Chancellor of Germany, who, as the head of a vassal state, is totally beholden to US interests, and the fact that the Nord Stream pipeline was sabotaged takes that option off the table. Now that piece of leverage that the Russians and, frankly, the Europeans had, is gone, and they’re totally beholden the United States.”

Beattie noted that “if you look at the reactions … you don’t see the types of reactions that any reasonable sovereign state would have to an attack on their infrastructure of that magnitude, because they’re in this awkward position of knowing that it comes from the US or NATO proxies. Their only option is really to put their tail between their legs, keep their heads down, and shut up about it, which is more or less what they’ve been doing.”

“For all the talk about how Putin’s being bold … Putin’s not being bold at all”, Beattie said. “The US and its NATO allies basically declared war on Russia by destroying Nord Stream and  Putin’s done nothing about it. … The United States got away with what it wanted all along, the destruction of Nord Stream 2. Russia’s not doing anything about it, and Europe’s not doing anything about it.”

“If it was sort of an unspoken, tacit understanding, it’s now plain for everyone to see that there are no genuinely sovereign countries in Europe. Europe is a vassal state. Europe is a slave state of the United States. Putin, in his speech, basically tried to shame them for doing that. The only problem is, the Germans have no shame, they have no pride, they have no underlying sense that they deserve to be a sovereign nation. and that’s why they’re going to stick their tail between their legs and pretend like nothing happened.”


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