“He’s a Joke, He Tap Dances, He’s a House N***er!” – Angry Protester Hurls Racist Slurs at Herschel Walker at Campaign Stop


Maceo Fletcher

An angry leftists hurled racist slurs at Republican senatorial candidate Herschel Walker at his campaign stop on Tuesday.

Maceo Fletcher called Herschel a “house n*gger” who “tap dances” during Walker’s press conference on Warnock evictions.


Breitbart.com reported:

Walker faced the racial epithets at a campaign event held outside of Columbia Towers, an apartment building primarily owned by the church Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) leads.

Fox News reported that multiple witnesses at the event, including Walker campaign staffers and media members, heard the protesters shout the slur.

“This is all a stunt. He’s nothing but a house n****r,” the protester, who identified himself as Maceo Fletcher, allegedly shouted at Walker.

A Walker campaign staffer told Fox News he heard the protester say, “He’s a joke. He tap dances, and he’s a house n****r.”

The protester reportedly refused to answer questions when Walker staffers pressed him about the slur he shouted.

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