Iranian Celebrity Chef Mehrshad Shahidi Beaten to Death By Security Forces During Hijab Protest


The brutal Iranian regime has claimed another victim. On Wednesday, Iranian celebrity chef Mehrshad Shahidi was beaten to death by security forces during anti-hijab protests. Shahidi, dubbed the Jamie Oliver of Iran, was just shy of his twentieth birthday.  He was reportedly killed by multiple violent baton blows at the hands of security forces.


Since Amini’s death,  Iranian men and women have continued to protest against the regime’s brutality and have paid the price for daring to speak up.  Protestors have faced  being fired on with an AK-47 ,  firing indiscriminately on protesters in the street from their moving vehicles, murdering Hadis Najafi , a powerful symbol of the uprisings, the kidnapping, torture, rape and murder of Nika Shakarimi,  a woman  being dragged by police and sexually assaulted by a gang of Islamic Republic oppressive forces and sadly, so much more.

The Mirror reports: 

A teen chef known as the ” Jamie Oliver of Iran ” was reportedly beaten to death while in police custody sparking more protests in a country that has erupted into civil unrest.

Mehrshad Shahidi, 19, a celebrity chef, was allegedly being held by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard at the time of his death on Wednesday.

Security forces are alleged to have left him with multiple skull injuries after beating him on the head with batons when he was arrested for protesting in Arak.

Human rights organisations say Mr Shahidi’s death was the 253rd since demonstrations began following the death of 22-year-old Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, who died under similar circumstances.

Speaking with Iran International TV in London, Mr Shahidi’s family said: “Our son lost his life as a result of receiving baton blows to his head after his arrest, but we have been under pressure by the regime to say that he died of a heart attack.”

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