Unhinged Leftist Singing “F*ck Ashli Babbitt” Destroys Birthday Memorial to Ashli Babbitt on Steps of US Capitol – Capitol Police Stand By and Do Nothing (VIDEO)


Patriotic Americans laid roses and bouquets outside the US Capitol today on what would have been Ashli Babbit’s 37th birthday.

Ashi Babbitt, the slain Air Force veteran who was murdered by Capitol Hill Police officer Michael Byrd on January 6, would be celebrating her 37th birthday tomorrow if her life wasn’t suddenly taken by a leftist who the federal government continues to protect.

Ashli’s mother, Micki Witthoeft, continues to relentlessly fight for justice.

Advocating for the hundreds of J6 political hostages, mother Witthoeft has spent more than two months praying and protesting in front of the DC jail where the political prisoners are detained.m

Patriots from across the nation have convened at the DC gulag with Babbitt’s mother to demand justice for Ashli and the J6 political prisoners, many of whom are veterans and have languished in solitary confinement for months or years without seeing a judge.

Witthoeft and Americans For Justice, a non-profit organization “devoted to assisting American citizens who are being wrongfully persecuted at the hands of the federal government,” called on Americans to lift Babbitt up in prayer and commemorate her birthday.

Several supporters of Ashli and her mother laid down roses and bouquets at the US Capitol today for Ashli’s birthday.

That’s when a disgusting leftist with Twitter username @GraysonBrent moved in and destroyed the memorial. She was singing “F*ck Ashli Babbitt” as she destroyed the memorial.

The Capitol Police stood by and did nothing.

Via Tayler Hansen.

This is the evil on the American left today. They stomp out a memorial to a murder victim in front of her mother.
These are not good people.

Video via Tayler Hansen.

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