Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain Threatens Americans Ahead of Midterm Elections, Says Biden’s Speech Was a “Final Warning” (VIDEO)


Joe Biden Wednesday evening delivered a dark and divisive speech with less than one week to go until the midterm elections.

Just like Tucker Carlson said, the guy who took “inappropriate showers” with his own daughter is trying to tell you that you’re a bad person.

Biden lashed out at Trump in his speech and smeared him with lies.

“American democracy is under attack because the defeated former president of the United States refused to accept the results of the 2020 election,” Biden said. 

Joe Biden also signaled that the fix is in and claimed certain races won’t be called on election night.

“In some cases, we won’t know the winner of the election for a few days…takes time to count all legitimate ballots,” Biden said.

Biden did not mention inflation once Wednesday night.

One of the key issues for Americans going into the midterms is the persistent inflation problem created by Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain said Joe Biden’s speech was a “final warning.”

Ron Klain is threatening Americans 5 days out from the midterms.

“The president decided a few days ago that it was important to issue one final warning on this issue to make very clear, to leave no doubt that we have people out there still peddling the big lie, people now raising the issue of election denial,” Ron Klain said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”


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