EXCLUSIVE: CA High School Teacher, Former Teachers’ Union President and Gay Club Advisor Caught Soliciting Underage Boy – Older Brother Confronts Him in a Viral Video


A former teachers’ union President and gay club advisor, Roger Kavigan, who also teaches history class at Foothill High School in Tustin, California, was caught soliciting an underage boy on November 19, 2022.

According to the “Save Our Schools, Orange County” group, Kavigan has allegedly been caught sending inappropriate pictures and texts to a minor.

Parents at Foothill High School had previously complained to the principal about Mr. Kavigan, but nothing had been done in response, the group added.

A viral video is making the rounds online of him being confronted by the minor’s older brother. 

In the video, the student’s older brother reportedly posed as a minor in order to confront the teacher about sending sexually explicit materials to his minor sibling.  Tustin Unified School District’s Superintendent, Mark Johnson, Ed.D., issued a statement to families after the video posted on social media went viral.

Read below via “Save Our Schools, Orange County”:

Late yesterday, the Tustin Unified School District was made aware of alleged misconduct by one of our employees who works at Foothill High School. The District learned of the allegations—which involve the employee’s alleged text message interactions with a minor—after the fact and through social media reports. When this information came to the District’s attention, the District immediately informed Child Protective Services and law enforcement. Additionally, the District was provided with new evidence, which was shared with law enforcement as well.

We have no information to suggest the allegations are related to the employee’s official duties as a teacher or that the alleged misconduct took place on campus; however, if true, the allegations are completely inconsistent with the District’s core values and would violate the trust the public puts in professional educators. While we cannot comment on any specifics, as the investigation is ongoing, any educator misconduct will be dealt with to the maximum extent possible, under applicable rules for due process related to disciplinary action.

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