‘People Are Very Unsettled’: Marsha Blackburn Explains Why A Republican Majority Would Preserve Values In The U.S.

 Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R) told The Daily Wire during the Election Night 2022 Preshow on Tuesday that a Republican majority is imperative to preserve faith, family, and freedom in the United States.

Blackburn, who assumed office in 2019, said a bucket of issues like inflation, border crime, and parental rights stemming from the Biden administration has Americans disturbed about how fast their agenda has changed the country.

“The thing that really disturbs people is the fact that this administration is trying to force us to make changes into the kind of cars that we drive, force us into having the state control what our children see and hear and think and what they learn,” Blackburn said. “And people are very unsettled with the way this administration has been so forceful.”

Senator Blackburn, who serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee, addressed voters concerned with the state of the Department of Justice.

“Their fears are justified,” she said, referring to President Biden calling Republican voters idiots, left-wing media pundits downgrading American citizens as cockroaches, and the DOJ deeming parents terrorists.

“That’s an environment that people are looking at this and saying, ‘wait a minute, how did we get to this and how can they get away with this?’” Blackburn said. “And don’t they have to answer to Congress.”

“We are to be a government of, by, and for the people,” she added. “Not a government that comes in and says you can’t have these freedoms and we’ll give you back a little bit of freedom, but a government that protects the individual from the impact of the bureaucracy.”

If Republicans take back the House and Senate in the 2022 Midterm elections, Blackburn said the first step to change course would be to freeze federal spending, which would hit the pockets of career politicians.

And pending a reformation of the fiscal budget, a Republican majority could bring the nation back to producing energy, restarting the border wall construction, and putting money back into taxpayers’ pockets.

“[Voters] should want a Republican majority because it is imperative that we preserve faith, family, freedom, hope, and opportunity for all Americans,” Blackburn said.

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