Putin Vows to Improve Readiness of Nuclear Arsenal as US Uniparty Votes to Donate $100 Billion More to Ukrainian War Efforts in US War on Russia


Vladimir Putin on Wednesday delivered remarks to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Putin vowed to increase the readiness of the Russian nuclear arsenal as the US Uniparty votes to donate $100 billion to the Ukrainian war efforts.

The US is openly engaging in a war against Russia at this point.


CNN reported:

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that Russia needs to “continue to support and improve readiness” of its nuclear weapons.

“We need to continue to support, and to improve the readiness of our nuclear units. This is the main guarantee of our sovereignty and territorial integrity. A strategic priority is the overall balance of power in the world,” he told a meeting of the Russian Defense Ministry board in Moscow.

Putin also accused key NATO countries of using their military potential against Russia.

“It’s well known that today, the military potential and opportunities of virtually all the main countries of NATO are being used against Russia,” he said.

Putin claimed that Moscow’s “strategic adversaries” have been planning to “disintegrate, weaken and divide” Russia.

“Our strategic adversaries have the goal of disintegrating and weakening, dividing our country. This has been going on for centuries. [Russia is] too big, as they think, a country that poses a threat to someone. Therefore, it needs to be broken down, cut down a little,” he said.

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