Twitter’s New Head Of Trust And Safety Says General Amnesty Reviews Will Be Completed Within About 30 Days


Twitter’s new head of trust and safety has announced that the platform will complete general amnesty reviews for previously banned accounts within about a month.

Ella Iwrin, who took over leading the department after the departure of Yoel Roth, responded to a user asking about accounts that are still banned for political reasons.

Irwin said that accounts that did not engage in threats of harm or violence, fraud, or other illegal activities should be reinstated within about 30 days.


“Our team has been carefully reviewing thousands of suspended accounts for the past month, including accounts noted in this thread,” Irwin tweeted. “Users that did not engage in threats of harm/ violence, fraud or other illegal activity are being reinstated. Will need ~30 days to finish reviewing.”

When asked more specifically about an account called BIPOC Doing Racism, Irwin said that it was scheduled to be reviewed in the next few days.

“Looks like it is on the list for review this week. Should be reviewed in the next few days,” Irwin said.

Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon jumped in and asked about accounts that were “not suspended, but are being required to delete a factually accurate tweet in order to regain access?” He cited an account called the ChristianPost as an example, saying that they’ve been locked out since March.

Irwin responded saying that “we started with suspensions and will work our way out to other enforcement actions from there.”

Musk had polled users shortly after taking over the platform, asking if he should grant a “general amnesty” to all the accounts banned for suspicious reasons under the old leadership. Users overwhelmingly voted in favor of the measure.

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