Nightmare Returns: College Kid’s Epic ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fail Goes Viral Anew After Dave Rubin Tweet

 A heartbreaking clip of a college kid appearing to solve the puzzle on “Wheel of Fortune” but losing $1 million over a flubbed pronunciation has gone viral yet again after Dave Rubin tweeted it out to his 1.3 million followers.

In the clip Rubin posted to his 1.3 million Twitter followers Wednesday with the caption ‘OMG,’ the student from Indiana University spun the wheel and it landed on the $1 million prize with only eight letters remaining in the puzzle for “Character.”

He picked the letter “L” and found four of them. His luck continued as he spun the wheel again and landed on the $650 prize. Now, with only four spaces left blank, he called for a “Y” and found one.

The student eagerly spun the wheel a third time and landed on the $500 prize calling out for a “G” finding one, leaving only two spaces left blank. And this point, most viewers were most likely yelling out the answer able to tell exactly what the missing puzzle was.


The unlucky student looked like he couldn’t be stopped after reaching over and spinning that wheel one more time. He landed on the $700 prize and called out proudly for a “C”. And sure enough the host Pat Sajak responded that there was not one but two C’s leaving no black spaces on the puzzle.

All the contestant had to do was read the puzzle aloud and he would’ve not only won the puzzle, but also a cool million.

He said he was ready to solve and slowly stated out loud, “Mythological Hero” and then messed up the pronunciation for the Greek God “Achilles.” Instead of saying the proper pronunciation, he said out loud “A chill us” sounding out the “Ch” and not really pronouncing the “L’s.”

Sajak sounded distraught when he heard the buzzer beep the person’s answer and inform the college student that they “could not accept that.”

It then went to the next student who said they would solve and did.

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