St. Louis Police: 149 Car Jackings in St. Louis City in Last Week


St. Louis ranks as the 3rd most violent place you can live in the nation. And have you ever heard of East St. Louis? That’s not even in the same state of St. Louis, and that place makes most small towns look like a fairytale. Last year, more than 200 people were murdered in St Louis. That’s like 2 out of three days that someone here gets ghosted.

And things are not getting better.

The mayor of St. Louis ran on an anti-police platform and the Soros-funded Circuit Attorney faced a disciplinary hearing for lying about Governor Eric Greitens.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department announced this week that 149 cars were stolen in just seven days in the city. 

FOX2 News reported:

The latest crime numbers in the city of St. Louis show a staggering number of cars stolen in just the last week.

St. Louis City police reported 149 cars stolen in just past week. Police told FOX 2 that the problem isn’t confined to just one neighborhood, but rather it is happening all across the city.

Lots of people who live in the city don’t have garages, so you can have streets lined with cars parked outside. Areas like that can be prime targets for criminals.

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