Homeless Man Stabs Other Homeless Man In Library, Ending Feud That Involved Bad Drugs And A Torched Tent

 A homeless man stabbed another homeless man Thursday night at the Petworth Neighborhood Library in Washington, D.C.

The stabbing stemmed from a personal conflict, according to Martin Austermuhle from WAMU 88.5 .

“Police documents say the alleged stabber had apparently burned the victim’s tent, seemingly as revenge for bad drugs that led to an OD,” Austermuhle tweeted.

The victim, 45, had been sitting at a computer in the library when the aggressor, 36-year-old David Howard, slowly approached him and stabbed him, Executive Assistant Chief Ashan Benedict said Thursday in a press conference. The attacker had followed the victim into the library.

“It was very deliberate, very intentional about who he was going after,” Benedict said.

Witness James Salt was at the library when the murder happened. “Was just at the Petworth Library when the man sitting at a computer next to my kids was killed in a knife attack. He died in my hands,” Salt tweeted.

The victim was pronounced dead and taken to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for an autopsy, Fox 5 reported.

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