U.S. Officials Issue ‘Security Alert’ Over Possible Attack In Major European City

 The U.S. Embassy in Belgium posted a security bulletin on Wednesday warning that local officials have increased the presence of law enforcement on the streets after threats were allegedly made of an attack on Brussels’ 2 and 6 metro lines.

“Police have heightened security in response to a threat of a possible metro attack to be conducted today, March 8,” the embassy said in a statement. “Continue to be aware of your surroundings and use caution when traveling in and around Brussels.”

The embassy instructed U.S. citizens in the area to avoid crowds, keep a low profile, be aware of their surroundings, keep an eye on local media reports, and monitor alerts from the State Department.

The Brussels Times reported that Belgium’s National Crisis Centre indicated that the threat of a potential terror attack on the metro train did lead to an increase in vigilance but that the likelihood of an attack is low.

The report said that the threats were originally sent to the European Commission in emails that were “written in Russian threatening an ‘explosion'” on Wednesday.

The threats were reportedly sent by the same person who contacted the European Commission in February and again earlier this month warning that the attacks would be in response to the European Union’s “aggressive policies” against Russia.

Belgium officials reportedly said that they believe that “an attack is unlikely”.

The threats were being taken very seriously in light of the horrifying Islamic terrorist attacks that the country experienced in 2016 that killed dozens of people and wounded hundreds more.

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