‘What Have They Done To My Characters?’: Woke Disney Bashed For Lost Boys Including Girls In New ‘Peter Pan’

 Disney, apparently ever eager to implement their woke agenda into their productions, has now altered the immortal story of Peter Pan by making his band of Lost Boys include girls.

In the original version of the story, written by J.M. Barrie, the Lost Boys are boys “who fall out of their prams when the nurse is looking the other way and if they are not claimed in seven days, they are sent far away to the Neverland,” where Peter Pan serves as their captain. In the book, Peter explains that no girls are part of the group because they are far too clever to fall out of their prams.

But in the trailer for Disney’s new live-action “Peter Pan & Wendy,” Wendy meets the Lost Boys on the island of Neverland.

“Are you — ” she addresses one boy, named Tootle, as the group heads down the hill toward her.

“Lost Boys,” he announces.

 A girl named “Birdie” declares, “Every last one of us.”

“But you’re not all boys,” Wendy protests.

One of two girl twins snaps, “So?”

In the original Barrie story, the Lost Boys are comprised of six boys.

Tootles is considered the unluckiest of the group, because “the big things” and adventures happen while “he has stepped round the corner.” He mistakenly shoots Wendy when Tinker Bell tricks him by saying Wendy is a bird Peter wants killed. After he realizes the error, he asks Peter to kill him, but Wendy lives. Near the end of the story, after Peter takes over Captain Hook’s ship, he becomes the boatswain, and later returns to London with Wendy and the other Lost Boys and grows up to become a judge.

Another Lost Boy, Slightly, says he remembers what life was like before Neverland, but his memories are inaccurate; he also makes whistles and flutes from the branches of trees. He grows up to marry into the aristocracy.

Nibs is described as the happiest of the group; he only remembers his mother wanting a checkbook and states he wants to give her one.

Curly gets into trouble and isn’t smart but is kind; he ultimately works in an office.

The Twins don’t know who they are because Peter Pan does not know what Twins are, and no Lost Boy is permitted to know something Peter doesn’t know. They ultimately work in an office.

Critics bashed Disney for appearing to apply their woke agenda to the classic story.

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