• Model has two skin tones after fusing with unborn sister in womb (9 Pics)

    Taylor Muhl always suspected she had a twin but she never thought the birthmark on her stomach was actually her sister fused to her body. the 1930s.

  • The biggest wooden bowl

    The largest turned wooden bowl measured 4.01 m (13.15 ft) in diameter and 1.03 m (3.37 ft) from base to rim. The bowl was made by Peter Andres and Werner Rumplmayr in Gurtis, Austria on 4 September 2005. The enormous cost of a giant lathe brought the idea to use a tractor as woodturning lathe.

  • The Loneliest Subway Station in China

    Chinese netizens have dubbed Caojiawan subway station on Line 6 of the Chongqing Metro as the “oddest station.”

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Vegan cafe owner publicly shames customer whose review says toddler showed ‘butthole’ during meal (10 Pics)

A customer named Chelsea Bartley wrote in 2-star review last week that she had a decidedly unappetizing experience at Imagine Vegan Cafe in Memphis, Tennessee — specifically that a “bare butt naked baby” with dirty feet “was running around, stood up on a table … and bent over to show me [her] butthole” during her meal.
That didn’t sit well with the cafe’s owner, who happens to be the mother of the 22-month-old girl in question. But not for the reason some might expect.
Kristie Jeffrey hopped on Imagine Vegan Cafe’s Facebook page, called out the customer by name and sent a warning to any other detractors.
“I’m about to start calling out names and pictures of people who leave us bad reviews, especially when it deals with our children,” Jeffrey wrote. “You will no longer be allowed to come and dine at Imagine. We do not need or want your business. … This is going to be fun!!!! You’ve throughly [sic] irritated mama bear!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re starting with Chelsea Bartley.”

Jeffrey added: “For anyone who reads this and instantly is scared this might affect our business, I cannot begin to tell you how much we do not care. Haters are not welcome at Imagine!!!!”
The post generated thousands of reactions, WMC-TV reported — but the station added that a few hours after its story ran about the dust-up, the post was deleted.

In fact, as of Friday afternoon, the cafe’s Facebook page appears to be down as well.
But Jeffrey did speak on camera to the station and didn’t back down from her position, noting that Imagine Vegan Cafe “has been a very family-oriented restaurant from day one. We’ve had crayons, kid menus, toys.”
In addition she told the station her four children are often in the restaurant during business hours. Jeffrey told WMC that while her daughter didn’t have a diaper on at the time of the incident noted in the 2-star review, she believes much of it is exaggerated.
“It was summer and it’s hot,” Jeffrey told the station about her daughter. “She does what a baby does, and she ripped it and she ran.”
Here’s the full text of Bartley’s review:
On the real, I eat here all the time. I still probably will bc I like to go out and there are few options available to me BUT y’all listen During my visit, a bare butt naked baby was running around, stood up on a table with its black theyre so dirty feet, and bent over to show me it’s butthole. I wish I was exaggerating. This is like while I’m eating, and it’s the owners kids? An older kid came over and started like yodeling and staring at me during my meal. I was SO uncomfortable. Like I get it’s a family establishment and kids do weird things but naked baby was running around for like 15 minutes while all the workers started are just standing to the side talking and laughing over it.
And for my food, I can heat up a tofurky sausage just as well and in under half the time.
Jeffrey told WMC it would have been better if Bartley made her complaints known in person so it could have been handled, but the vegan cafe owner isn’t sorry about what the establishment stands for.
“I would actually rather not have their business, because it states it very clearly on our menus — on our website — this is what we are about,” she told the station. “If you can’t do vegan, then don’t come here. If you can’t do children, don’t come here.”

WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

A terrifying in-flight disturbance led to multiple passengers subduing a belligerent man on a Delta Air Lines flight

 Joseph Daniel Hudek IV, 23, the Florida man accused of assaulting a flight attendant on a Delta Air Lines flight from Seattle to Beijing. He appeared Friday in U.S. District Court in Seattle at 2 p.m. and is facing a federal charges.

A Delta Air Lines flight from Seattle to Beijing returned to Sea-Tac Airport Thursday evening after Hudek reportedly assaulted and injured a flight attendant.
Sea-Tac Airport spokesman Perry Cooper said 45 minutes after the departure of Delta Flight 129, there was an in-flight disturbance in the first-class cabin in which a passenger assaulted a flight attendant. The flight had departed Sea-Tac shortly after 5 p.m.
There were approximately 210 passengers and 11 flight crew onboard the plane.
Hudek was in the first-class cabin, traveling on a "dependent pass"; KIRO 7 learned his mother is a Delta employee.
Prior to takeoff, Hudek asked a flight attendant for a beer, which he received. He did not have any additional alcoholic drinks and he did not appear to be intoxicated court documents state.
Approximately one hour into the flight, Hudek reportedly used the lavatory -- twice -- and after exiting the lavatory the second time, he lunged toward an exit door, grabbed the handle and attempted to open the door. 
At that time, the flight attendant asked for assistance from other passengers in the area and notified the cockpit of the situation.
The pilot called in the situation and the plane was diverted back to Seattle.
As the attendant continued to struggle with Hudek, he reportedly then punched the attendant twice in the face and hit a passenger who was trying to assist the attendant in the head with a wine bottle. 
Witnesses then said that Hudek again attempted to open the exit door. A passenger who tried to pull Hudek away from the door was also punched multiple times.
As the struggle between the passenger and Hudek continued, a flight attendant grabbed two wine bottles and hit Hudek on the head twice, eventually breaking one of the wine bottles.
One passenger, who did not want to share his name said: “They broke two bottles of wine on his head. I tried to choke him and he just threw me off like a rag doll."
Court documents state that Hudek seemed unfazed by a full bottle of wine being broken over his head and shouted something along the lines of, "Do you know who I am?"
Eventually, a passenger assisting the flight attendants was able to get Hudek into a headlock and as Hudek struggled to free himself, several other passengers came to assist in subduing him. After restraining him long enough, they were able to secure Hudek with zip ties.
Hudek reportedly remained "extremely" combative and several passengers were needed to restrain him until the plane landed at Sea-Tac.
Dustin Jones, who was seated directly behind the curtains separating first class from the rest of the plane, said he could tell a scuffle was going on.
“One of the flight attendants ran back and said there was a Code 3. There was a serious fight up front,” Jones said.
Britteny Gardner, who was on the flight, said that in the main cabin passengers heard an announcement asking for a doctor.
“Somebody that was working had blood on their shirt,” Gardner said.
Despite what happened, a passenger told KIRO 7 that the crew and the rest of the passengers remained mostly calm.
Witnesses on the plane said they were afraid for their lives when they saw the force with which Hudek attempted to open the door; he reportedly pushed the emergency lever halfway up.
A flight attendant said that given the flight's low altitude it would have been possible to open the door.
The plane landed at approximately 7:10 p.m. and officers boarded the plane and took Hudek into custody. Hudek was also combative with officers.
Once back at Sea-Tac, Hudek was handcuffed and zip-tied to a wheelchair as he was rolled out of the terminal, according to Jones.
"He started yelling for help," Jones said. "And so he turned the wheelchair over in the middle of the airport, screaming for people to help him, just being belligerent."
A flight attendant and passenger were immediately transported to a hospital to be treated for injuries sustained in the incident.
Delta released this statement:
“Flight 129 returned to Seattle following a security incident with a passenger. The passenger was restrained onboard and was removed from the flight by law enforcement without further incident when the aircraft arrived back in Seattle. The flight is scheduled to re-depart for Beijing later this evening.”
The FBI told Sea-Tac officials there is no information that the incident is a national security threat.

Oklahoma dad 'murdered daughter, 22, wiped up blood and tried to bury himself in dirt' after telling 911 she committed suicide

 The Oklahoma father accused of shooting his daughter then telling 911 she'd committed suicide allegedly acted bizarrely when police arrived to investigate.

Police were called to the Norman, Oklahoma home of Ronald 'Ronnie' McMullen, 43, on June 29 after he told authorities that daughter Kailee Jo Hooker, 22, had shot herself 'in the face'.

When they got there, officers found he had wiped up blood in the kitchen, even though her body was lying in the entryway, according to an affidavit - and then he tried to bury himself, NewsOK reported. 

According to the affidavit police arrived at the home on the 1700 block of Abe Martin Drive, to find McMullen's wife, Karen Hooker McMullan, giving the young woman CPR.
Officers took over CPR duties on Kailee - whose surname was given as Hooker in official documents - until it was clear that she was dead.

Kailee's body was in the home's entryway, and a blood-splattered .357 revolver was found on a side table.
Her father was also covered in blood, and stared blankly when the police asked what happened, cops claim.
When police ventured further into the home found that McMullen had been trying to mop up blood in the home's kitchen, the affidavit said.

And when they tried to take pictures of the blood-drenched dad he attempted to wipe it off himself with a towel despite repeated demands that he stop, it alleged.
The towel was snatched away from McMullen, who then tried to use his hands until he was physically restrained, the report said.

After the photos were taken, McMullen's behavior reached bizarre extremes, as the man allegedly went to the entryway of the home, which borders a grassy front lawn, and 'lay down in the dirt,'
He then 'began covering himself in dirt while rubbing the shoes he was wearing on the concrete entryway,' the affidavit claimed.

He then dug a small hole, covering himself in soil, the report said.
McMullen was arrested on Wednesday on first-degree murder charges in her death.
The affidavit said that Kailee had been living at home on and off prior to her death, but had a deeply unhappy relationship with her father, friends told police.

They told officers that in April McMullen had slapped her until her mother pulled a gun on him to make him stop.
And two of her friends told police that he had molested her when she was younger.

School and Department of Human Services records showed that an investigation took place but no charges were filed, the affidavit claimed.
McMullen has been booked into the Cleveland County Detention Center and is facing first degree murder charges.

Prior to his arrest, police had said they were treating the young woman's death as 'suspicious'. Police said they are still investigating but do not expect to arrest anyone else in connection with her death.

An obituary published in the Norman Transcript on Monday - just two days before her father's arrest - said Kailee 'cherished her family and always had time for them'.   
'Kailee had a zest for life and a bubbly personality, was quick witted, and had a quirky sense of humor,' her obituary read.

'Always the entertainer, she loved making people laugh and was famous for the elaborate costumes she would put together when the occasion arose. 
'Kailee was a good and loyal friend, and all who knew her were better for it.'
She was religious and grew up attending Goodrich Memorial United Methodist Church. 
Kailee was working as an EMT and at a plasma donation clinic in Norman when she was killed.

She graduated from Norman High School in 2013 where she was a Varsity cheerleading captain, before attending Bible college in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  
'Kailee had a passion for helping people and loved animals,' her obituary read. 


Friday, 7 July 2017

A French beekeeper makes Honey wine in the Paris catacombs (16 Pics)

Deep below Paris is a web of crypts and tunnels, former quarries that were excavated to build some of Paris’s most famous buildings hundreds of years ago. They’re collectively known as the catacombs.

And somewhere in that network — the exact location will remain a secret — is where Audric de Campeau’s mead is aging.
“We are 20 meters under Paris,” says de Campeau, below the metro, “and absolutely nothing comes to trouble us and my barrels. So it's the perfect place to grow mead.”
Mead, sometimes known as honey wine, is a mix of water and honey that, like wine, must be fermented in a cool, quiet place that is humid and perfectly still. Down in the catacombs, the humidity hovers around 90 percent and the walls and ceiling are damp to the touch.
Mead is the perfect combination of de Campeau’s two passions: Beekeeping and winemaking — which he began experimenting with as a teenager.
“My parents had a house in Champagne,” he explains. “They're not winemakers, but it was a dream as I was thinking, maybe, if I do one or two bottles would be fun.”
His tiny vineyard grew over the years. De Campeau went on to study philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris but returned to Champagne every weekend to tend his vines and growing garden.
“Then, naturally, I thought about bees. So I asked my parents [for permission] to install my first bee hive,” he says, which posed a problem, “because my father was absolutely allergic to bee venom.”
While this might have given others pause, de Campeau persisted, installing his first hive in the woods far from the house. They multiplied while de Campeau, still living in Paris, began dreaming about raising bees in the city.
Beekeeping has something of a tradition in Paris. A beekeeping school has operated in the Luxembourg Gardens for more than 100 years.
But de Campeau, who you can probably tell by now has a bit of a taste for the dramatic, set his sights on a building in his neighborhood, Les Invalides, the site of Napoleon’s tomb. Today, he has hives on many of the best-known monuments in Paris, including the Musee D’Orsay and the Paris mint.
“I grow my bees 20-25 meters above Paris and I grow my mead 20-25 meters under Paris,” de Campeau likes to say (or about six to eight stories).
The bees hibernate this time of year. If you disturb the hives, the cold could kill them. But de Campeau shared a video from the roof of a massive 18th century building, the military college.

The honey, which he sells, has become his regular day-job. He’s also experimenting with making honey-based candies and nougat, another sweet French specialty.
“I have other ideas,” de Campeau adds, unsurprisingly. While his next batch of mead slowly ages below the ground, he should have no trouble keeping busy.


A Rare Peek into a Swiss World War 2-Era Bunker (18 Pics)

The bunker, as seen from outside.
It is built into a quarry side, a few kilometres from the German border. Here you can see three holes that serve different purposes - from left to right: the viewing port, the MG nest and anti-tank cannon.
The entrance, hidden from view.
The sign is dedicated to a Franz Dörflinger-Schaad, who died as a result of a detonation in the construction of the bunker, in 1941.
Looking back from inside.
A basic hallway extends further into the cliff, where we see a staircase leading up to the rooms.

A small shrine in the bunker.
Having the Nazi Reich so close to you would probably make you pray for the best too.

Interestingly enough, the Nazis hardly tolerated the Swiss (despising their multicultural French and German people, and their decentralized democracy), and actually planned to invade Switzerland as part of Operation Tannenbaum (Christmas Tree or Fir Tree), but never actually carried out the plans as they were preoccupied with defeating their enemies around Europe first.
The staircase leading up to the living quarters and combat stations.
Several metal doors seal the downstairs entrance area from the upstairs living quarters and combat stations. These were built with the aim to seal off the post from potential flamethrower usage.
Ominous hallways...
There's maybe 30 meters of halls like this one, connecting the base together inside the cliff.
The shorter rifles are Karabiner Modell 1931's - Switzerland's service rifle from 1933 to 1958. The longer ones are Modell 1911's, the predecessor of the K31.
Armory and living quarters.
There are a few of these rooms in the bunker. They also contain cots, dining tables and chairs, plates and silverware, and everything necessary to guarantee survival sealed off from the outside world.
Communications station.
If the Germans came across the border, these men would be among the first to contact headquarters. At that point, Swiss military doctrine was implemented to mobilize every soldier and reservist within 24 hours, get civilians to shelter, mine the roads and bridges, and ready the whole country for war.

The picture is of Hans Herzog, who was General of the Swiss Army during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. His WW2 contemporary, Henri Guisan, is probably Switzerland's most famous soldier.
Machine gun nest.
This setup is rather interesting. The gun is a 7.5mm caliber Maschinengewehr 51 or Mg 51, developed for the Swiss Army based on the German MG 42. The viewing port is made of bulletproof glass and can be locked off with metal armoring from both sides, and the MG station can be sealed to continue working even under flamethrower fire.
Even when blinded, the bunker can keep aiming.
Using photographs, maps and coordinate systems on the weapons, everything can still be aimed and fired without actually looking outside. Guns can be trained on specific markers of the valley, and field spotters can radio in where to target.

In this photograph, Germany is just a few kilometers to the right - the blue and red sections are concrete trenches built to make tank crossing difficult and to funnel infantry. The forests are filled with Dragon's Teeth fortifications too, making it hard to cross by vehicle.
Former personnel of the Festungswachtkorps explaining the 90mm gun's usage.
The Festungswachtkorps (Fortress Guard Corps) is a now-defunct element of the Swiss Army, dedicated to maintaining and operating the countless forts and bunkers of Switzerland. Its functions have largely been absorbed by the military's other branches.

The 90mm gun opening can also be shielded from flamethrower usage, and continue to bust open tanks. During World War Two, I believe a 75mm gun was installed here, being replaced by a newer Pak 57 (Panzerabwehrkanone 57, or Anti-tank cannon 57) after the war.

Another armory room, showing off diverse weaponry and gear
Helmets of the Swiss of the 20th Century


NYPD cop suspended without pay after Instagram video shows her encouraging her niece to use a racial slur

An officer with the NYPD who encouraged her 2-year-old niece to use the N-word in an Instagram video has been suspended without pay, according to police sources.

Officer Delinda Giraldo was suspended and ordered to undergo a drug test after the video, one of five posted to Instagram in 2014, was published by the Daily News.

“She said n****r?” Giraldo asked in the video. “Say it again. Say it again.”

She then laughed and continued to encourage her niece say the N-word despite the cop’s sister objecting.

In the second video, Giraldo said it was “not that serious” to use the N-word.

“I have a little comment or whatever,” she said. “If somebody thinks or feels that I shouldn’t be using the word ‘N****r,’ but for real […] it’s not that serious.”

Giraldo, who is Colombian, added that it’s okay to call Latinos ‘s***s,’ a derogatory term for Hispanics, because those “from the hood” know it’s not derogatory.

In another one of the videos, she is seen eating at a Cuban restaurant with friends during a trip to Miami beach. The video shows the group leaving without paying and Giraldo laughing while using the N-word more than 20 times.

“N****r, we didn’t pay for that s**t,” she said.

Under the NYPD Patrol Guide’s “prohibited conduct” clause, cops in the city are forbidden from using racist or other offensive words while on-duty or off-duty.

Giraldo’s lawyer, Eric Sanders, acknowledged that it was the 29-year-old cop in the videos, but he said the videos were from when she was 18 or 19, six years before she joined the NYPD. He also said that the videos were private and stolen from Giraldo before being made available by an ex-boyfriend she is in the middle of a nasty legal battle with.
She was already on modified duty before being suspended, as she was assigned to monitor security cameras at a housing project in Queens because her ex-boyfriend, Officer Michael Martinez, claimed she made false domestic violence allegations against him.

Giraldo, who dated Martinez for two years, claimed he broke her nose and arm, choked her and at one point had her “pleading for her life.” The two filed cross complaints against each other for assault in October, but the case against Giraldo was dismissed. The case against Martinez is still pending.

“All this was from a cop abuser that’s just trying to get back at her,” Sanders said. “Now she’s developing the strength to fight back. There will be a lawsuit against this cop and the Police Department for this conduct.”

Sanders filed a notice of claim on behalf of Giraldo, as she plans to sue Martinez and the NYPD. The claim includes the allegations of assault by Martinez, as well as claims that she received unwanted advances from other male officers, poor evaluations and undesirable assignments.

Martinez’s lawyer, though, said his client did nothing wrong.

“She’s just not a credible witness,” James Carcano said. “If we are to believe her, she was strangled on two occasions then decided to share an apartment with my client in Orange County.”

He added, “Ms. Giraldo’s disgraceful and distasteful behavior is an embarrassment to the NYPD and she clearly should be removed from its ranks.”

'There's a $3,000 bounty on your head in Philadelphia': Woman gets death threats after Facebook video of her urinating on an American flag goes viral (14 Pics)

A Pennsylvania woman landed in hot water after a video of her urinating on an American flag went viral.The shocking footage, which shows Philadelphia-native Emily Lance using a funnel to pee on a small American flag draped across a toilet seat, was eventually removed from Facebook.However, it has been reposted on multiple pages and can still be seen here
(WARNING: viewer discretion is advised.)

After the video garnered thousands of negative comments, Lance took to Facebook to defend her much contested actions."Freedom (of speech/expression) means that I'm entitled to do and say as I please, EVEN if you don't like it, so long as I am not physically hurting someone," she wrote, according to the Daily Mail. "And no, your precious feelings don't count, that's your own problem.""What don't you people understand? You're celebrating freedom while damning me for doing the same," she continued. "You can't have it both ways. FREEDOM OR NONE. Practice what you preach or shut the f*** up."
One social media user told Lance that someone had used Craigslist to put an ad for a $3,000 bounty against her 

Lance is a self-described anarchist and has previously posted photos that claim the 9/11 attacks were an 'inside job'

As the video, which has since been deleted, caught traction online, Lance tried to explain why she decided to share the video

Lance said in a further Facebook post that her father's work place had been targeted following the incident

After the video went viral, Lance claimed that she had sold the flag to the 'highest bidder'
Lance claims that she and her family members eventually began receiving death threats over the video, which prompted her to take to Facebook for a second time to defend herself.
"People are wishing illness, harm, and suffering upon me over a piece of fabric," she later added. "People are willing to MURDER someone over a flag. It's so sad that people don't realize how brainwashed they are. I'm gross for peeing on a symbol? LOOK AT YOURSELVES. You people epitomize all that is foul."Despite the widespread criticism, and even a rumored $3,000 bounty put on her head by a Craigslist user, Lance stood by her actions and even took to Facebook later on to joke about selling the "soiled flag" to the "highest bidder."

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