Dad catches apparent pervert allegedly taking upskirt photos at Target. It doesn’t end well.

An outraged dad took matters into his own hands at Target after spotting a man allegedly taking upskirt photos of females at the California retailer on Sunday.

What are the details?

According to KCAL-TV, Ismael Duarte was at the Cypress, California, store with his 15-year-old daughter on Sunday evening.
Duarte, whom police are now hailing as a hero, reportedly spotted the suspect — later identified as 29-year-old Jorge Anthony Ibarra Jr. — when he attempted to get close to Duarte’s daughter.
“What caught my attention,” Duarte explained, “when he got close to my daughter [his phone] was in camera mode.”
Duarte said that he was able to prevent Ibarra from getting any closer to his daughter, but Duarte later reportedly spotted Ibarra trying it again — this time on another unsuspecting female.
“We were coming over to the register and he pops out following another girl,” Duarte said, and that’s when he decided to take matters into his own hands and apprehend the man.
According to KCAL, Duarte was able to tackle Ibarra and kick his phone away. Ibarra, apparently realizing his cover was blown, reportedly fled, but Duarte and his wife chased after the suspect and were able to take photographs of his vehicle and license plate.

Was the suspect caught?

The news outlet also reported that officials believe the suspect — who was apprehended and arrested on Wednesday — was involved in another similar incident earlier that day at a different Target store in Cerritos.
Ibarra was booked into the Orange County Jail on Wednesday on a charge of invasion of privacy. He is being held on a $25,000 bail.

What did the store say about the incident?

On Wednesday, Target issued a statement on the matter:
At Target, the safety and security of our guests is very important to us and we have no tolerance for this behavior in our stores. Immediately upon learning of these recent incidents, our teams called police to investigate and shared video footage with them. We will continue to help law enforcement in any ways that we can be of support to their investigation.
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