Customer Leaves A One-Star Review For Restaurant, Unluckily For Her, The Owner Remembers Her Too Well (15 Pics)

Running a successful restaurant has become a whole lot more difficult in recent years, with a surge in competition meaning only the very best survive, and customer power at an all-time high.
One bad review online isn’t necessarily the end of the world, but if you know it’s unjust, that blemish on an otherwise flawless reputation can really get under your skin. Replying aggressively to obnoxious and entitled customers won’t do you any favors, so sometimes to best way to make a point is with polite restraint, while clearly stating your case and correcting the falsehoods in the review.
This response to a one-star review, shared , is a perfect example of this. The restaurant and the customer are both unknown, save for the name ‘Monica,’ but if you run a business and encounter unfair reviews, this is a great example to learn from. 

Someone recently shared the beautifully-worded response by a restaurant owner to a unfair review

Here’s how people reacted

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