Good Samaritans help 87-year-woman who was ripped off by fake contractor for more than $20K

An 87-year-old Florida woman received some good news this week after being ripped off for more than $20,000 by an unlicensed contractor, WFOR-TV reported.
On Thursday, a Pompano Beach company returned $7,750 to Margaret Dorman and BNT Services in Fort Lauderdale promised to complete her home improvement project at a discount.
“This year has been more than I could hardly handle,” Dorman told WFOR in an interview on Thursday. “I’m too old for all this but I’m going to see it through and I’m going to get some windows and doors, I’m sure.”
Tom Zeschke of BNT told WFOR that Dorman had captured his heart and he would do whatever it takes to make things right for her.
Also this week, the fake contractor, Naraj Sethi, was arrested and denied bond. Sethi once worked for BNT as a salesman.

What’s the story?

The elderly woman had hired and paid Naraj Sethi to purchase and install impact windows in her home.
“I’m frightened to death to have anything done because I don’t know who to trust,” Dorman said.
As it turned out Sethi never ordered the windows for her Tamarac home and she was out $18,500 in cash and a BMW worth about $2,500.
“I had almost give up on it,” Dorman said.
When Dorman learned that she might never get the windows she’d paid for, she contacted the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.
After setting up surveillance in her home, Sethi was caught in his scheme. He was arrested Wednesday.
“It makes me sad to see anybody waste their life like this,” Dorman said.

What else?

On Thursday, Sethi was denied bond for having three probation violations, the judge said, according to WFOR.
Sethi’s rap sheet includes 20 arrests since 2000. Of those, 18 were in Florida and two were in Virginia. Among the charges are grand theft auto and contracting without a license.
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