Pictures That Prove Australia Is The Craziest (31 Pics)

This, oh it's just a python eating a flying fox!

Python so big it can fish a wallaby out of a river!

Snakes in the store! No Problem, the pensioners will deal with it!

Snakes in the toilet!

Snakes eating a lizard!

Oh, you want to play golf. Fuck you!

Mother fucking snakes on a mother fucking plane!

Just a dingo eating a shark!

Sharks in the golfing grounds!

Sharks in the surfing ground!

Crocs in the surfing ground!

Crocs in yo' home!

Snake EATING a crocodile!

Giant crocodiles

Paralysis ticks - before and after feeding

Spiders...lots of em

Funnel Web spiders collected at a camp site!

Plagues of millipedes

Giant Earthworms!

Mole Crickets...MOLE...CRICKETS

Poisonous centipedes that eat snakes!

Giant jellyfish

And tiny jelly fish. Don't let this little guys size fool you though!

Irukandji jellyfish. Perhaps the most dangerous creature in Australia, despite being no bigger than a thumbnail. Their venom is 100 times as potent as that of a cobra and 1,000 times as potent as that of a tarantula.

Box jellyfish ain't one to be messed with either!

Blue-ringed octopus are the only species of octopus fatal to humans!

Predatory marble cone snail stings can cause respiratory muscle paralysis leading to death.

Stonefish, Earth’s most venomous fish.

The reef stonefish has spines in the dorsal fin which can inject a highly toxic venom that can causes intense pain and can lead to death.

Hail bigger than pool balls

Even water that kills!

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