48 Unexpected Views Of Famous Historic Moments

An injured survivor of the Hindenburg smokes as he is carried to safety. [6 May, 1937]

A young Adolf Hitler cheering at the announcement that World War One had begun. [1914]

The recording of the MGM Lion. [1929]

An over the shoulder view of JFK’s “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech. [1963]

Howard Carter Looking through the open doors of Tutankhamun's Shrine. [January, 1924]

Massive crowds gather for the first Woodstock. [1969]

The photographs that inspired Norman Rockwell.

A photograph taken by Scott’s British Antarctic Expedition to the South Pole, before they perished on their return journey. 

An East German guard passes a flower through a gap in the Berlin Wall on the morning it was torn down. [1989]

Three men run in the marathon at the first modern Olympic Games. [1896]

Norway receive their first ever shipment of bananas. [1905]

The Beatles during their shoot for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. [1967]

Mourners climb telephone poles to get a view of Gandhi's funeral procession. [1948]

A Native American overlooks the newly completed Transcontinental railroad. [1868]

Enlisted men aboard an American ship hear the news of Japan’s surrender. [1945]

The first ever underground train journey. Edgware Road Station, London. [1862]

The Hollywood sign, shortly after it was installed. It originally read “Hollywoodland”. [1923]

The last known photo of the Titanic above water. [1912]

Fidel Castro enjoying ice cream during a visit to a US military camp. [1959]

A photo taken in secret of the Supreme Court in session, one of only two ever taken. [1932]

German prisoners react to footage of concentration camps. [1945]

Race organisers attempt to stop Kathrine Switzer from competing in the Boston Marathon. She became the first woman to finish

A large crowd, made up of many African Americans, mourn the death of Abraham Lincoln outside the Courthouse in Vicksburg, Missis

Salvador Dali kisses the hand of Raquel Welch after finishing his famous portrait of her. [1965]

Crowds flock to the the first World Series Game in New York. [1912]

The very first Rockefeller Christmas Tree is revealed to the public. [1931]

The iceberg that is thought to have sunk the Titanic. Black and red paint is smeared along the side. [1912]

African Americans protest against the war in Vietnam during the Harlem Peace March. [1967]

Neil Armstrong photographed by Buzz Aldrin, shortly after walking on the moon. [1969]

The traffic jam at the Brandenburg Gate as East and West Germans cross freely on the first Saturday after the fall of the Berlin

The filming of Batman and Robin.

The “Tank Man” stand off in Tiananmen Square. “Tank Man” is to the left of the digger. [1989]

View from the top on the opening day of the Empire State Building. [1931]

Bird’s eye view of JFK’s funeral in the Capitol Building. [November, 1963]

The models of “American Gothic” stand next to the painting

The aftermath of Victory over Japan Day in New York. [14 August, 1945]

Iranian forces look out at the iconic view of burning oil fields set alight by Iraqi forces during the Gulf War. [1990]

The only known photograph of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg, before giving his famous address. [November 19, 1863]

Abraham Lincoln and General George McClellan in the general's tent at Antietam [3 October, 1862]

Traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge moments after it opened seen from atop one of the arches. [1937]

The back of the Hoover Dam just before it was submerged and never seen again. [1936]

A view from behind the Lincoln statue during Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech. [28 August, 1963]

Wilbur Wright circles the Statue of Liberty in the Model A. [29 September, 1909]

Spectators standing upon couches, tables and chairs to to see the signing of the treaty of Versailles and the end of World War I

The unfinished Washington monument, abandoned after funds ran out and civil war broke out. [c. 1857 - 75]

Jacqueline Kennedy backstage watching her husband during the first televised debate against Richard Nixon. [1960]

The last few prisoners of Alcatraz leave as the prison is shut down for good. [1963]

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