So, There’s A ‘F*** Trump And His Stupid F***ing Wall’ Alcohol Now

President Trump has warped the minds of his detractors so intensely that they have resorted to creating whole lines of spirits just to troll him.
According to Extra Crispy, the company Empirical Spirits created a whole new spirit, albeit a mean-spirited one, called "F*** Trump and His Stupid F***ing Wall," which apparently is not meant as a "political statement but rather an exclamation of exhaustion."
Co-founded by Noma restaurant and Nordic Food Lab alums Mark Emil Hermansenand Lars Williams, the Copenhagen-based Empirical Spirits began after the makers attended several industry events. The "F*** Trump And His Stupid F***ing Wall" product is actually made "from scratch" and entirely with custom-built machinery allowing for the product to "distill at a 99-percent vacuum at 5°C, meaning that liquid can boil without heat and maintain all of its flavor."
Is the "F*** Trump And His Stupid F***ing Wall" spirit any good? Kat Kinsman of Extra Crispy says it packs quite a punch (Trump would like it that way).
"What flavor F*** Trump packs into its relatively low-proof (a mere 27 percent alcohol) spirit," writes Kinsman. "The base of that particular liquor is made with barley that's soaked, then injected with Aspergillus Oryzae fungi to ferment into koji, and Belgian saison yeast sourced from the lab next door, then gets its distinctive tang from habanero peppers—a kilo per bottle—and is rectified with habanero vinegar."
While some may find the presence of habanero too imposing, Empirical's chief operating officer, Ian Moore, says the distilling process filters the capsaicin while leaving the flavor behind. This results in a "smooth, warm, vegetal liquor that is simultaneously familiar and elusive, and endlessly sippable."
Ian Moore advised connoisseurs not to use "F*** Trump" in a cocktail and drink the spirit on its own. "We align ourselves more with restaurants and wine bars and beer bars" than cocktail bars, said Moore, "and I don't see us doing one spirit for more than six months."
Only two stores in the United States currently sell the spirit, which the makers claim was not intended as a political message despite the incendiary name.
"The guy's just a dick. It was a long day and we were tired," said Moore. "The news was on and they were talking about Trump's plans in Mexico and someone just said, 'f*** Trump and his stupid f***ing wall.' It stuck."
While Empirical may think they had a clever name, they are not the only company to create a product with the words "F*** Trump" on it. In fact, the brand lipslut created a whole lipstick specifically titled "F*** Trump."
"One beauty brand is so pissed at President Donald Trump, it created a lipstick (and the image above) to give the commander in chief the middle finger," PopSugar reported in 2017. "The brand is called Lipsl*t, and it sells just one product: a cruelty-free "F*ck Trump Lipstick, which can be yours for $20."
In 2018, the brand Lipslut introduced a "F**k Kavanaugh" lipstick as the debate over this nomination raged on.
"After seeing Kavanaugh’s hotheadedness at the hearing, we thought a 'calm, cool, and collected' shade would be fitting," Katie Sones, the founder of Lipslut, told Refinery29. "Imagine a cool-toned maroon."
"While watching the hearing and the events leading up to it, I got so upset seeing women’s voices being ignored, doubted, and flat-out denied," Sones said. "If the highest levels of government won’t listen to us, who will? To me, this entire mess serves as a microcosm for how thousands of women’s experiences and traumas are treated everyday — we had to act."
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