According to Pornhub, Halloween greatly affects how we view porn (10 Photos)

“Teacher” tops the list for the second year in a row, but previous runner-up “maid” has been supplanted by the recent “Bowsette” trend. “Monster” has been searched more often in 2018 than “princess”, “nurse”, “kitty/cat” and “police/cop”. Characters like “Harley Quinn”, “Wonder Woman” and “Lara Croft” all took a slight tumble this year, with “Rick and Morty” being searched more often.
If you’re looking to catch the eye of women this Halloween, they’re 55% more likely than men to search for “police” or “cop” and 52% more into “clown” porn. They’re also more likely to search for Marvel characters“Cable”, “Venom” and “Captain America”.
Men on the other hand are 459% more likely to seek out Marvel characters “Shuri” and 367% more into DC Comic character “Harley Quinn”. Also more popular among men is Overwatch character “Tracer”.
To see what activities turn people on during Halloween, our statisticians looked back to 2017 to see what terms were more likely to be searched on October 31st when compared to their daily average. Searches for “Halloween hottie” shot up 6820%, followed by a 5023% increase for “trick or treat”, 4665% for “Halloween party” and 3854% increase for “Halloween anal”.
Searches containing “Halloween” begin to increase in the days leading up to the holiday, with a massive 1322% increase on October 31st and higher than average searches in the days that follow.
“Costume” and “Cosplay” are popular searches throughout the year, but even they see an increase of 161% on October 31st.
Searches containing “scary” increase by 378% on October 31st.
And oddly enough, even searches containing “pumpkin” are up 436% on Halloween.
With so many people living out their true fantasies on Halloween, that leaves less people to do their fantasizing on Pornhub. Across the United States, traffic to Pornhub begins to drop around 5pm and hits it’s lowest point around 7pm. Traffic from Millennials aged 18-34 drops by as much as -27% compared to an average day, while traffic from visitors over the age of 35 is down a still-impressive -19%.
American women are more likely to give up Pornhub in favor of Halloween with female traffic dropping by -32% at 7pm on January 31st, compared to a -22% drop in traffic from men.
The average 7pm traffic drop across the United States was -21%, but some states are much more likely to give up Pornhub in favor of Halloween. Our statisticians recorded a -40% drop in traffic from Maine, -34% in Rhode Island and -31% in Idaho. The traffic drop was smallest in D.C. at only -4% compared to an average day. (Results have been adjusted for each time zone).

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