Associated Press is taking lots of heat over this classless reporting on death of conservative commentator

The Associated Press is being criticized heavily on social media over their classless reporting on the sudden death of Bre Payton, a conservative commentator who wrote for The Federalist.
While offering details about Payton's untimely death, the AP report pointed out that the 26-year-old had criticized the media recently, something that many saw as a partisan attack on the commentator.
"In recent appearances on Fox News, Payton had condemned what she called 'fake news' media coverage of President Donald Trump," they wrote.
Screenshots of the passage were post on social media by those excoriating the AP for their partisan reporting.
"Why is this necessary @AP?" asked Kassy Dillon. "Bre Payton died suddenly at a very young age and you're politicizing it?"
"They knew exactly what they were doing when they reduced her body of work to that particular comment," responded Daily Caller editor Amber Athey. "One might even call it a dog-whistle. I feel sorry for them."
"At this point I feel pretty immune to media bias rage, but this just disgusting," said Tiana Lowe of the Washington Examiner.
The article was later amended, without correction or notation, to add a second clause to the sentence:
In recent appearances on Fox News, Payton had condemned what she called "fake news" media coverage of President Donald Trump and "sexist and bigoted" coverage of first lady Melania Trump.
No apology or statement was offered by the AP about the addition.

Here's the Fox News video report about Payton's death:

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